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The Brief Introduction of Chengdu Xiang Rui yun Bridge Supplies Co., Ltd

Business scope: "computer software development, stationery commodities, sporting goods, import and export of goods, planning cultural and artistic exchange activities." Company tenet: We have what others don't have. We are expertised in what others can do; we continuously innovate and serve intellectual games.

Since September 1997, Xiang Rui yun bridge and chess electronic products have got 19 Chinese national patents and the Chinese national trademark registration. The products use the world's top processing equipment and raw materials: the plastic is Taiwan ABS; the bidding cards and playing cards use Indonesia or New Zealand paper or the special paper for Playing Cards (German 310g Paper). The equipment is Germany Heidelberg four-color automatic printing machine and the fully automatic poker production line.

The research and production team of Xiang Rui yun dealing machine, scoring device and Chinese electronic chessboard is made up of professional professors, PH.D. supervisors, experts, doctors, masters and bachelors. Mechanical processing is produced by Chengdu CLP Jinjiang Information Industry Co., Ltd (a state-owned military enterprise).

The core parts of Xiang Rui yun electronic chess products are imported from the United States, Switzerland, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. The functional softwares that have Chinese intellectual property rights able to start up, recognize images, process information, communicate wirelessly and print analysis, etc are researched and developed independently by our company.

There are about 2800 units that have bought Xiang Rui yun bridge products in China. In 2008, the first World Mind Sports Games started in Beijing and there were about 3600 players from about 150 countries to take part in it. Xiang Rui yun products were sold to about 80 countries and so far over 20 countries have kept buying from us for a long time. Besides, there are Xiang Rui yun bridge agents in North America, Europe, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

Xiang Rui yun dealing machine and bridge scoring system-terminal-server were successfully researched and developed in August 2013 and then launched on the market. Till August 2017, we have sold 134 dealing machines, 505 terminals and 34 servers (The use effect can be consulted).

The developing directions of Xiang Rui yun bridge: to research and develop electronic products for mind sports like bridge, Chinese chess, Go, draughts, etc; to serve competition, training and teaching, let players watch different competitions through mobile clients and share the fun of competitions.

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