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Xiang Rui yun Bridge Scoring System-Terminal-Serve
     Brand: xiangruiyun
     Product Number:003
     Place of origin:chengdu
Auspicious entry device

Xiang Rui yun bridge scoring system has all the functions that Dutch bridge scoring system has. It supports the following score softwares: 1. Swedish free scoring software"Teamscorer"and"Magiccontest". 2. American free score software"ACBLScore". 3. The charged scoring software researched and developed by Chinese bridge network with 100,000 RMB given by CCBA. 4. Chinese Yaxuan’s charged score software. 5. The free score software of Chinese Suzhou bridge association, Chairman Chen (13906203821).

Its linear distance from wireless transmission to communication reception is 150 meters. A server can control another 60 servers and it can transfer information related to games fairly, accurately and fast. It can automatically count the competition score and result, arrange against plan automatically, print analysis and project announcements. Players can watch games through the mobile client. Chinese Patent Number: ZL2013 2 0828753.2. You can download the software of bridge scoring system on the home page of Xiang Rui yun bridge The terminal’s price is ¥498/unit, $73/unit FOB Chengdu. The server’s price is ¥948/unit, $139/unit FOB Chengdu, the larger the order, the lower the price.

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